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Share a Cuppa

This is a team/ group activity to share and build a sense of calling and encouragement about how each member is especially skilled, gifted and appreciated.

Share the Journey

Ask others to pray for you and with you as you discern the next steps on your journey in ministry. It will help them pray if you share some of your hopes, dreams and ideas and anything you think that God has already been revealing to you. Pray with expectation that God has plans for you! (Jeremiah 29:11)

Social Media 360

For this activity you will be reviewing your social media presence and practice.

Spiritual Diet Plan

What we feed ourselves has a direct impact on our health. In this activity we will look at and listen to has a direct impact on our spiritual health.

Spiritual Exercise Plan

In this activity you will select from a range of Christian spiritual practices to ‘build your fitness’.

Starting Out Prayer

God of love and wisdom,
I praise your faithfulness and care
And for bringing me to this new beginning.
Please prepare my heart and mind to learn,
And ready me to discover more of your love and purpose.
You know well my hopes and fears,
And have promised that nothing can separate me from your love.
Guard and guide me in the days ahead
And may all I do be in your name and strength


Strong Roots?

Plant roots provide strength and stability, and vital water and nourishment to a plant. Consider the ways in which being part of your church is helping you develop strong roots (bringing strength, stability, nourishment and refreshment to our faith) and the ways your engagement is contributing to the growth of others. Annotate this download to help visualise your thoughts.



There is an app for everything and lots for journaling -from very simple daily prompts to ones that let you include photos and posts from your social media feeds, add in reminders and search previous journal entries.  Find and use one* that will help you process yours thoughts and experiences and capture insights. Ideally it should also be a way to keep track of how things (and you) have changed, and if prayers and questions have been answered.

* Examples of journaling apps (free versions available for all these): Day One, Diarium, Penzu, Grid Diary, Five Minute Journal & Daylio.

Type Face

Perhaps you are the kind of person that loves to write -on your phone, laptop, tablet or PC? There you can document and organise your thoughts and have to hand to read back edit and refer to. If this sounds like you then this might be a good way of processing yours thoughts and experiences, capturing insights and a way to keep track of how things (and you) have changed, and if prayers and questions have been answered.


Venn diagram

Venn diagrams are a visual way to explore overlapping ideas, themes or issues using overlapping circles. Simply write keywords in each space, representing what is distinct and what is shared. Download one of these templates to get started.

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